What's new

Naturalis has decided to discontinue serving taxonomic enrichment with specimen records. This enrichment was based on the Catalogue of Life and Dutch Species Register, thus facilitating directly searching for specimens by vernacular name and synonyms. A new solution that provides at least the same user experience is available in the NBA but won’t be implemented in Bioportal until a new collections portal is developed. In the meantime, searching in the current BioPortal for specimens by vernacular name or synonym may return different or less results than before.


  • New: suggestion for alternate search query if advanced search does not produce any results (for selected fields only).
  • Improved: search queries and sorting of results have been optimised.
  • Improved: interface language preference is saved in a consistent way.
  • Fixed: "show all media" link sometimes was broken.


  • New: BioPortal uses the updated and much improved NBA v2.0 for data queries.
  • New: Dashboard demonstrating statistics of the Naturalis collection.
  • New: downloadable DarwinCore archives of selected collections.
  • New: NBA queries are handled by a dedicated, open source PHP client that mirrors the functionality of the NBA Java client.
  • New: download images of specimens in the highest possible resolution.
  • New: provide feedback for inaccurate or erroneous specimen data.
  • Improved: specimen queries in the advanced search form have been merged into a single form.
  • Improved: clearer help texts for the advanced search form.
  • Improved: browse individual specimen, taxon and multimedia results (multimedia only in v1.0).
  • Improved: search results based on "name resolution" indicate the link between search term and result.
  • Improved: advanced search form has been tailored to the needs of collection administrators.
  • Improved: "show all media" links for specimen and taxon searches: fetch all media for your search criteria with a single click.
  • Improved: all nature areas in the geographical search form now produce results.
  • Fixed: AND/OR queries now always produce accurate results.