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WAG0108009 | Gilbertiodendron newberyi Burgt
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Gilbertiodendron newberyi Burgt
Naturalis - Botany catalogues
CC0 1.0
Naturalis Biodiversity Center
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Tree, tag number P3711, diameter 146.5 at 1.3 m, 43 m high. No buttresses, heavy roots. Stem cylinder. Bark light brown, mostly smooth, some small thick flakes. Leaflets (3-) 4-5 pairs (almost never 3). Flower buds 6 x 5 x 4.5 mm. Flowers: peduncle light green, pedicel whitish, 7-10 mm, 2 bracteoles both sides whitish, 4-5 x 5-6 mm, 5 sepals triangular, the one opposite the petal 2 mm, the other 4 sepals 1.5 mm long, 1 large petal whitish, in old flowers orange-brown, stalk 4 mm, blade two-lobed 6 mm high, 10 mm wide, 4 small petals triangular, 1.5 mm long, 3 filaments white, 12-14 mm, anthers cream, later brown, ovary green, brown hairs at edge, style white, 11-14 mm. Old pods found on the ground, c. 2 thick veins. Only older seedlings found.Many old flowers on the soil. The flowers were collected on almost the last day of the flowering period.
Africa; Cameroon; South-West Region; Korup National Park, P plot, subplot 15B.
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