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Antillia orientalis Gerth, 1921
Antillia orientalis Gerth, 1921
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Registration number RGM.525246
Source Naturalis - Zoology and Geology catalogues
License CC0 1.0
Institution Naturalis Biodiversity Center
Collection name Paleontology Invertebrates
Basis of record FossilSpecimen
Type status syntype
Phase or stage
Part unknown
Preparation method fossilized
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P. van Dijk

Locality Ngembak borehole B, Ngembak, Semarang, Java, Indonesia, Asia; 'im Westen von Poerwodadi, im gleichnamigen Districht der Abtl. Grobogan, Res. Semarang'. The corals in the Ngembak core are derived from two levels, at 60-70m depth and at 110-120m depth. Only part of the corals has been labelled as to the depth at which they have been found. Van Dijk (18**) en Martin (1919) correlate these horizons with the Tjilanang and Njalindoeng beds, which are of Tf2-Tf3 age. However, the large benthic foraminifera found in the two levels indicate an older age: Lepidocyclina (Nephrolepidina) subradiata is typical for the Rembang beds. The occurrence of Miogypsina with Lepidocyclina (Nephrolepidina) and Austrotrillina indicate an Tf1 age for the 110m level. The 60m contains Flosculinella bontangensis, together with Lepidocyclina (Nephrolepidina) martini. This assemblage is most probably of Tf2, but possibly of late Tf1 age. It is save to conclude that the corals from this well are Tf1-2 in age. Those with a more precise level on the label can be placed in a narrower time interval.
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Antillia orientalis Gerth, 1921
Antillia orientalis Gerth, 1921