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Scientific name
Amphihelia alternans Gerth, 1923
Amphihelia alternans Gerth, 1923
Vernaculars from associated taxon
Registration number RGM.43006.a
Source Naturalis - Zoology and Geology catalogues
License CC0 1.0
Institution Naturalis Biodiversity Center
Collection name Paleontology Invertebrates
Basis of record FossilSpecimen
Type status syntype
Phase or stage
Part unknown
Preparation method fossilized
Number of specimen

L. M. R. Rutten

Locality Gunung Batu-Anticline, Sungai Gelingseh, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia, Asia; The Gunung Batu-Anticline (loc. 34-36 in Gerth, 1923b) is in the source area of the Sungai Gelingseh, which is name giver to the Gelingseh-beds, an unit with numerous fossil bearing beds (see e.g. sketch map in (). "Gunung Batu at Sungai Sekurau" (loc. 20 in Gerth, 1923b) Rutten coll. 49., which is the same as Gunung Batu Anticline loc. 34. There is no mention of a Gunung Batu in the upper course of the Sungai Sekurau and combined with the same sample number (and part of locality) it is assumed that loc.20=loc. 34-36.. . () gives a sketch elucidating the relative position of 5 samples from this area. . A: source area of Sungai Gelingseh. This indication is also used by Van Vessem for his sample Rutten G457. This sample is N10 in age according to Vessem (1978). The Gunung Batu Anticline samples probably are taken from the same, or very close to our samples. . B-Bb: The localitiy 'Gunung Gelingseh' is interpreted to be indentical to the B-Bb sample discussed by (). () indicates that Rutten (1914) and Martin (1914b) described material from this locality, as did Gerth (1923b). Both Rutten (1914) and Martin (1914b) mentioned the two layers, the occurrence of corals and the difference in sampling between the two layers. It is most likely that the large benthic foraminifera were retrieved from the same samples as the corals, and that it is Tf1..
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