The BioPortal is a website that serves as the national access portal for all information relating to species and natural history, from basic data about collection objects right through to fully illustrated species descriptions. Via a single website, BioPortal grants access to all digitised details about the Naturalis collections, Species 2000 classification and species information from Nederlands Soortenregister, using the Netherlands Biodiversity API (NBA). BioPortal directly links historical with present information.

Currently, millions of Naturalis objects can be accessed through the BioPortal. This information will continue to be further extended with all the data linked together in the NBA, so that in the Netherlands we will be able to use a single website that enables us to consult a full range of digital sources, with a guaranteed level of scientific quality.

Via the NBA, the BioPortal can access the data sources from multiple organisations:

Data sources from Naturalis Biodiversity Center

  • Zoology and Geology catalogues: zoological, paleontological, mineralogical and petrological specimen and multimedia objects
  • Botany catalogues: botanic specimen and multimedia objects
  • Nederlands Soortenregister: taxonomic name lists with additional descriptions and multimedia of Dutch species

Data sources from Species 2000

The BioPortal reflects the strength of the NBA. It is effectively a ‘client’ of the NBA, an example application that delivers data from the NBA in an appealing manner, via a web portal. By means of this portal, anyone – from the interested amateur to the research scientist – can carry out full-text searches or simply graze through the data using specific fields and geographical locations.

Within the portal, special Naturalis collections will be spotlighted. Thanks to their own menu — Explore highlights — they are easily scrollable. For example, take a look at the world famous Siebold collection.